The Best AI content Writing tools in 2022

Creating content is a necessary task when you have your own blog, website or company. The competition on the web being harder everyday, the content creation become more and more tricky. You need to acquire a big amount of information before writing and it takes you a lot of time! After your researches, you still have to write good content. To avoid you theses long hours of writing and leave you time to work on others aspect of your business, you can require the services of an AI writer or pay a freelancer.


Jasper is the best AI writer I tried. It can basically create any type of content you want.


Grammarly is a writing assistant that assures you to avoid mistakes and improve your writing style.

Article Forge

Article Forge is an article generator. It needs only a few minutes to create an entire article.


Rytr is an AI writing tool. It has multiple templates and tone of voice. Rytr is able to create great content.


Copysmith is a content generator powered by AI. It is specialized in product description and Ads.

Which is the Best AI writer?

After trying a lot of theses AI writing software, I decided to create a selection with my favourite picks. I hope you will enjoy it. I personally think the better one is Jasper. It is more complete and developed than any other AI powered writing assistant on the market.

Jasper: The perfect AI writing assistant

Jasper, formerly Jarvis, is the more developed Ai writing tool I had the chance to use for now. It have no solid equivalent on the market. These software offers a great diversity of uses and can answer to all your content requests. Jasper can write your cold mails, your social media posts, your product descriptions or even your blog article. There are no limitation with Jasper, it offers 37 templates and each respond to a content type need.


  • Content SEO optimized
  • Great quality content
  • Created with the consultation of marketers and SEO
  • Multiple languages
  • Plagiarism and grammar check


  • The price of the Boss Mode may be high for beginners
  • Need human guidance

For more information, check my complete Jasper Review


Jasper have multiple features. It permits to generate content in no time. You can generate content following 3 different paths:

  • Using Templates

Jasper have over 50 templates. Every template have a precise use case. You want to increase your audience engagement? The template “Engaging questions” will help you to generate questions to maximize engagement from your public. You have a business on Instagram but no creativity to describe your pictures? Use the “Photo Post Captions” template to write great legend for your Instagram posts. There is basically a template for all your needs, product description, Quora answers, SEO title and meta description. There even is a template for rewriting content or expanding a sentence.

  • Using Recipes

Recipes are another way to exploit There are a group of commands made to help you to create content. By using Jasper’s recipes you can create your own writing template process. Jasper featured recipes offer you the possibility to create a blog post, a Facebook Ad, a product review blog post or even to rewrite a blog post. Recipes work with variables. There are commands with a variable that you have to fill to activate the command. For example, the blog post recipe contains the following command: >write a brief {TOPIC}

Replace “TOPIC” by your subject and the blog post brief will be created. Repeat the process with the next commands: write blog title ideas, write an introduction and write blog outline

No variable there, you just need to run the commands and enjoy the generated content.

  • From the scratch

You also can create a content right from the scratch. To do it, you start from a blank page and use different commands to generate your text. With this mode, the robot need more guidance but it is the best way to use Jasper to generate great quality content. You can help the robots with commands, by using transitional words to guide him, ask him to not consult the content before and so much more!


There are two formulas with Jasper, the Starter plan and the Boss Mode. Both are available with monthly or annual subscriptions. Both have unlimited account access but are limited by the number of words you can generate. The basic word number is 20 000 a month for the Starter plan and 100 000 a month with the Boss Mode. For theses amount of words you can count 29$ monthly for the Starter plan and 99$ for the Boss Mode.

The Starter plan is okay if you want to create short form content but the real deal is the Boss Mode. It allows you to create any type of content you want and to guide the AI to generate great long form contents. To truly enjoy all the power of you need the Boss Mode.

Personal opinion

Jasper is simply the best AI writer I tried for now. It is a bit complicated to use but a lot of documentation is available to help you learn how to get the most out of the AI. The Jasper Community is also a great point. You can exchange with members and benefit from what others already learned using Jasper.

Grammarly: A great tool to improve your writing skills

Grammarly is not an AI writer like Jasper, Rytr or Article Forge. It purpose is to improve your content and help you to create it by a bunch of functionalities. I personally use it for every content I write since quite a long time and I am not ready to give it up. This writing assistant powered by artificial intelligence show you where you did grammar mistakes, offers formulation advice, point the sentences that can be merged to upgrade clarity, and can do so much more. For me, there is no better solution for proofreading and content optimization than Grammarly.


  • Great grammar and speller checking
  • Integration to multiple tools
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Tone and style checker
  • Chrome and Safari extension


  • Do not generate content
  • Only available for English


Grammarly have a chrome or safari plug-in that is free of use. The extension, even in free version, is working on every text writing area. The grammar checker functionality is active when you are writing a WordPress page, an e-mail or even social media posts. It also works on Microsoft Words and on your Google Drive documents. This AI copywriting software will analyze your text and propose solution to solve your structure problems. It also assist you to uniform your writing style and to make your text more readable and understandable.

Free Version

There is a free version of Grammarly, available for everybody. The free version indicate misspelling, unnecessary comas, hedging formulations, advice you to shorter some sentences and tells you when you can switch words order to clarify the sentence. There is over 150 content critical functions and spelling factors. This great tool also give you synonyms to diversify your vocabulary.

The grammar and spelling checks of the free version are quite basic. The tone detection is also limited regarding to the paying version. Anyway, this is no reasons to not use the free version of Grammarly because there are no good reason to not use it! It is just a fact that the free plan is limited is you compare with the premium one.

Premium version

The premium version add more than 100 critical grammar and spelling checks. When you have a subscription you also have the paying options active with the chrome or safari plug-in. In premium version, Grammarly have a great plagiarism checker functionality. It can reveal if a content have plagiary from anywhere in the web. It seems their data are regularly actualized because the checker is able to detect if your content contains parts from recent publications. These function is also interesting to check if nobody is stealing your own content.

Grammarly have the possibility to set goals. Theses goals are settings about your kind of audience, your tone, the degree of formality of your text, the domain (academic, business, general, casual…) and the intent of your text (description or storytelling for example). You can select multiple tones, to combine friendly and respectful for example. After being defined, your goals setting are immediately applied and the writing assistant tool will underline the part you can upgrade.

In the Editor settings you are able to ask the device to do not check the quotes you insert in your contents and to deactivate some of Grammarly suggestions, like comas checking. There is also the possibility to use icons instead of colors to indicate corrections. This option is useful for color-blind people.

The artificial intelligence of Grammarly rate your content and give it a score from 0 to 100. The functionalities of Grammarly can be integrated to a certain number of other apps. For example, it can be integrate to Evernote, Slack, Outlook or even Jasper!


There are multiple prices for Grammarly, depending of your needs. As you can guess, the free version is free and anybody can use it. There are two paying versions, the Premium plan and the Business plan. Both are cheapest if you take an annual subscription, like most of the tools working with subscriptions. To be honest, the monthly version have no real interest because there is the free version to try Grammarly. The annual price of the Premium plan is 144$ per year and 150$ (by user) for the Business plan.

The Business plan allows you to access to an analytics dashboard, to have style guides and define brand tones. You also can define permissions and roles to users. Your mail send to the support will be treat in priority. Finally, it gives you access to “Snippets” which are commands that you can establish to insert reusable phrases.

Personal opinion

For me Grammarly a reliable tool to have in your wallet when you regularly create content. It helps a lot with formulation, avoid grammar and spelling mistakes, contribute to upgrade your writing skills, and is even useful to diversify your style. I use it when I write articles for my blogs, professional emails and social media posts.

Article Forge: Generate content in a complete automated way

Article Forge is the most automated writing tool of this guide. It allows you to generate short and long form content in a few clicks. You can generated content with only a keyword or a query and sub-keywords as input. The generated content is supposed to be SEO optimized and unique, so ready to rank on Google. Article Forge pretends their articles are generated in less than a minute but this is not necessarily true. For the long articles, the AI need around 3 to 5 minutes to create the article. This article generator allows you to create content of 250, 500 or 750 words.


  • Content SEO optimized
  • Really small input
  • Unique content
  • Multiple languages
  • Take few minutes to create a text


  • Rewriting sometime needed for high quality
  • Content limited to 750 words

For more information, check my complete Article Forge Review


The concept of Article Forge is to create good content with no efforts. The main feature is the article generation from keywords and sub-keywords. When you generate an article you can decide of his length, to add titles or not, to replace some keywords by links (external or internal) and even to post the article directly on your WordPress Blog. When you generate an article you also can ask the tool to add an image or a video.

To have a better result it is advised to give the more precise input possible. For example if you want an article treating of the importance of digital legislation of United States, you should give an input like “Importance of American digital legislation”. If your input is something like “American digital legislation” or “digital legislation” your article will be more generic and less pertinent. I used Article Forge to create a test article about SEO content optimization. There is some parts of the generated article:

We can see that the title and the introduction are interesting. Even if they are obvious, the information about SEO optimization of the generated text are true. Some formulations are a bit clumsy and can be easily improved.

The part about images optimization is a bit confusing because it says you need to use high quality image but also that you need to optimize your images for speed. In fact, high quality images will ask for more time to load and use it will reduce your page speed. The last part on link is also interesting but contains shortcuts.

With Article Forge you also can generate articles in bulk to win time. This AI article writing tool also got an API. It permits you to integrate Article Forge to your own workflow. It also can be integrate in other existing tools like CyberSEO, Wordai, RankerX or SEO AutoPilot. Another interesting point is the automation of the publishing. You can planify article publication and make Article Forge automatically publish for you!


To benefits of Article Forge you need to pay a subscription. There are 2 formulas, the Standard and the Unlimited. With the Standard plan, you can generate 250 000 words per month and you have no limitations with the Unlimited one. To be honest, 250 000 word is quite a lot. If you only use Article Forge to create 750 words articles, it means you can generate 333 articles a month, enough to feed at least ten blog everyday.

Theses both formulas can be paid monthly or yearly. The monthly subscription is not really a choice because Article Forge is a lot cheaper when you take an annual plan. The monthly price is 57$ for the standard plan and 117$ for the unlimited. For the yearly plan, its 324$ for the Standard (27$ / month) and 684$ for the unlimited (57$ / month).

Personal opinion

I tried the 2.0 version of Article Forge last year. I had mixed feelings about his quality and interest. Sometimes the generated content was okay but mot of it need to be rewrite to have a decent quality. The generation quickness was already there and it was already a good tool to publish massive content. With the 3.0 version, I think the tool is a lot more interesting. I could publish my article about SEO like that and make some rewriting if it rank or take a few minutes to make it great and publish it. I also made some other tests with more touchy topics, like CBD, and the text was well wrote but contained multiples mistakes. I think Article Forge needs some upgrades but its quality is incredible for a tool that create a good content in a few minutes with such a little input.

Rytr: The ideal AI powered writing assistant for beginners is certainly the cheapest AI writer I tried. It have interesting functionalities and seems to be regularly upgrade. This AI writing assistant have multiple similarities with Jasper. It allows you to create content really fast, in a few minutes. You have the possibility to define multiple tones for your texts. For example you can ask the tool to write a funny, convincing, humble or formal blog article. Like Jasper, have multiple content type templates, for any use-case. When I used I felt the development team wanted to create a simple tool, that everybody can use.


  • Content SEO optimized
  • Intuitive interface
  • Low price
  • Multiple use-cases and templates
  • Rephrasing generated texts


  • Need human guidance
  • Not enough characters per month with the saver plan


The interface of Rytr is really simple. When you are logged in, you just have to click on “start writing” and a pop-up appears with the writing area and the settings. To create your content, you have to select a language, a use-case and a tone. After your settings are defined, you have to write a keyword or a query as an input. For better results you should put a specific input and not a simple generic keyword. Finally, you can define a number of variants. It means, the number of version you want to create with your input keywords.

This last feature is interesting if you have the unlimited version because you can mix several variant to obtain the perfect content! There are more than 20 different tones and use-cases. The types of content you can create are really interesting and close from Jasper ones.

There is a list of the more interesting ones for me:

  • Blog idea or blog section
  • Pitch a business idea
  • Content for e-mail
  • Interview content
  • Landing page
  • Product description
  • Question & answer
  • Profile bio for social medias
  • Reply to reviews and messages
  • Seo meta title or meta description
  • Song lyrics (Okat, this one is just fun)

Another good point for Rytr is that it can generate content in more than 30 languages. There are also multiple features to modify a generated text if it does not suits you. You can ask the content generator to rephrase a selected part of the text or to improve it. Rytr also allows you to expand, shorten or append a text and even to check for plagiarism. When you use Rytr to write a blog article, you should start to ask it for a blog idea & outline. It will generate a main title and subtitles. For each subtitle, the AI writing software gives you keywords you need to include to SEO optimize your content. Then you can ask it to create the content of each part and it will include your keywords. Every content generated by is unique.

Pricing have three different plans. The Free one allows you to generate 5000 characters a month and access to almost of the features. The Saver plan allows 50 000 characters per month and offers you the possibility to create your own use-case. It cost $9 a month or $90 a year. Finally, the best formula is the Unlimited plan. With it you can create all the content you want for a $29 monthly subscription or for $290 per year.

Personal opinion

I like Rytr a lot. It is really easy to use and it allows you to generate quickly good quality content. If you are writing for your website, the blog article use case is great because it is SEO optimized and the quality is good. Even if the tool creates you a bad or out of context content, you can easily ask for a rewrite or change your settings in a few seconds to create a new one. Another cool aspect is its price. It only cost $29 to create all the texts you want. For me it is a great alternative to Jasper, for people who do not want to take too much time learning how to guide the AI. I think wanted to be accessible everybody and for me it is a success.

Copysmith: The AI writer made for ecommerce is another AI content generator tool. It allows you to create different kinds of content, like Facebook ads, product description and landing page. This writing assistant powered by artificial intelligence is using GPT-3 technology, like Jasper and Rytr. Copysmith is selling himself as able to create great converting ads and product descriptions. Its interface is simple and easy to use. The generated content are supposed to be optimize for SEO. This writing tool can be interesting for marketers, entrepreneurs, copywriters and e-commerce owners.


  • Good for product descriptions and Ads
  • Easy to use interface
  • Many different templates
  • Multiple integration (Google Ads, Shopify…)
  • Document can be shared from Copysmith


  • Not good to make blog posts
  • High subscription prices


With Copysmith, you can create multiple types of documents. To start, you have to create a file and select a template. The content templates are organize by categories. The first interesting point I enjoyed trying Copysmith is that there is a lot of different languages available. You can select a tone of voice for your generated contents. There are 6 tones: Neutral, Friendly, Funny, Professional, Adventurous or Luxurious. The generation is very quick, it only takes a few seconds. Every type of content need different input to create your contents. content generation system is working with credits. A credit will give you a certain amount of text, depending of what kind you choose. For example, if you want a product description, a credit will generate between 5 and 15 pieces of content. After you generated content, you can edit parts directly and save it. You also can ask for variants without consuming another credit. A variant is another version clothe to the original. It keeps the same tone and writing style.

Another good surprise is that you can share the content with partners or clients right from Copysmith. It create a document accessible from an URL and people you give access to can vote with a like or dislike function. This way you can have a quick review of your team or client to help you to decide which text is the better one.

This tool still being regularly upgraded by its creators, it is difficult to have a clear opinion about it. Actually, I think it is a good solution for e-commerce but clearly not for blog posts or informational contents. There is a blog category with multiples blog related templates. One of them, the “Long form content creator” ask you for a paragraph and generate you other ones based on yours. generates multiples parts of content. You can select the one you like and let the others. It allows you to construct your content as you like. I tried to create a review of Copysmith with Copysmith himself. It did not worked really well. Only one paragraph on the four generated by the AI writing tool is accurate and intresting. There is also a blog post section. To create a blog post you have to use several templates. First, the blog post idea, then the blog post outline, then the blog post intro and finally you have to use all the outputs generated in the blog post template to create your article.

Copysmith can be integrate to Frase, Google ads, Shopify, Google Chrome, Google Doc, Microsoft Word and Zapier. Theses possibilities are really appreciable because it can make you win a lot of time. With the Shopify one, you can write and publish in a few seconds. The Google chrome plugin is very convenient because it allows you to use on any web page.


There are 3 different plans with Copysmith: Starter, Professional and Enterprise. Every subscription can be paid monthly or yearly. It will be cheaper if you take the yearly payment. The Starter formula cost $19 per month or $192 per year. The Professional formula cost $59 monthly or $600 if you pay for the year. With the Starter plan you have 50 credits and 20 plagiarism check by month and 400 credits and 1000 plagiarism check for the professional one. To have information about the Enterprise plan, you need to contact Copysmith support. It allows unlimited credits and plagiarism checks. With this plan you also have bulk options, custom templates and your own account manager.

Personal opinion

Copysmith is an interesting tool still in development phase. It can be a winning choice depending of your needs. I personally use AI writing assistant tools to create blog articles and content for my websites. The fact that can not create complete blog articles was a brake for me and I prefer go for Jasper or Rytr. Anyway, If you are looking for an AI powered writing tool for your ads, mail campaigns and product descriptions, Copysmith is a good option. I see it more like an e-commerce content solution than an overall AI writing assistant. For me the main obstacle to the acquisition of Copysmith is its price.