Best Article Forge’s Alternatives in 2022

Following my review of Article Forge, I decided to make a comparison to present the alternatives to this automatic content creation tool. The objective of this comparison is to present the competitors, viable or not, to this great tool. After I saw the strength of Article Forge, I did not expect to be surprised by another tool of this kind, but I was wrong!

Article Forge VS Jasper (

Jasper is an automatic content writing tool created by This tool is very popular and can generate content automatically in several languages. Although the business model and pricing differ, Article Forge and Jasper have similar uses. Both tools are popular with people who have blogs and want to publish a lot of content. This automatic content generator is a real-time-saver. Jasper presents itself as an assistant for content writers. It is based on GPT-3 technology. You have to work with artificial intelligence to get the content generated. It is not complete automation as it is possible with Article Forge.

The “Boss Mode” of allows you to give instructions to the artificial intelligence and see it write live! Several fields are proposed, you give information to the software which outputs a live proposal according to the elements you give it. You can have it do it again until you are happy with the result. seems to be a UFO in the world of automated writing tools. It is unique in that it can create content of extraordinary quality compared to its competitors. This tool offers a multitude of possibilities and allows you to simplify your text, with several levels of simplification!

If you want more information about the abilities of this content generator, you can read my Article Forge vs Jasper comparison and watch this video:

Article Builder VS Article Forge

If you want a complete review of Article Builder, you can consult our page Article Forge vs Article Builder. The greatest similarity between these two tools is in their names! Article Builder is not convincing at all when you have had other automatic writing tools in your hands. My own experience was disappointing because the few texts generated did not pass the tests of anti-plagiarism software such as Copyscape. So there was nothing unique about the automatically generated content. Article Builder’s texts were certainly unique when the tool was launched. The platform emphasizes that the texts are generated by spinning several pieces of content from their database. The fact that the texts created by the tool during my tests were duplicated may be explained by a lack of renewal of the documents used as a basis for creating articles. Moreover, the subject cannot be precisely defined. You have to select a theme, more or less precise, from a list proposed by the tool. My personal view of the tool is that its heyday seems to be behind it. It is no longer possible to use it to generate articles that you want to publish on the web unless you modify the texts it generates with other spinning tools such as WordAi.

Article Forge VS Articoolo

Articoolo is a tool quite similar to Article Forge. It allows creating articles automatically using artificial intelligence. This automatic article writer tool scrapes the web to search content in your subject and create a unique article. Unlike Article Forge, this tool does not offer subscriptions. When an article is generated, extracts are proposed and then you choose whether you want to buy the article or not. This is interesting because Articoolo can be used for occasional needs. However, the word limit imposed by the tool limits its uses. It can generate texts containing between 250 and 500 words. This aspect is annoying because it excludes the use of the tool for writing short texts such as social network content and long texts such as blog posts for example.

Article Forge VS WordAi

Logo WordAI

WordAi has different functionalities than Article Forge. This tool is not used to generate content but to create different versions of a text. The aim is to be able to generate many unique articles on the same topic. WordAi offers three writing options: More Conservative, Regular, and More Adventurous. The Regular option is the best one for achieving a balance between readability and uniqueness, while the other two options will tend more towards uniqueness or readability. For each generated text, WordAi proposes a percentage of uniqueness. Previously, WordAi offered a number of parameters to customize its spins. WordAi also allows you to create quality titles, add secondary keywords and eliminate spelling and syntax errors. In addition to these interesting options, this automatic article writer has a good understanding of semantics. When a word has several meanings, WordAi will know what the meaning of the word is in a specific sentence. Even better, the tool understands the interaction between terms. If you want to learn more about this spinning tool, you can read my Article Forge vs Wordai comparison.

Why should you search for alternatives to Article Forge?

There is no perfect tool and everybody have different needs for his activity. After using Article Forge for quite a long time, I found some defaults. There is my list:

  • You can only create articles, no other kind of content and you are limited to 750 words by text. Article Forge can not create longer articles.
  • You need to use Article Forge API to enjoy all the possibilities of the tool. The creators do not propose other native integrations than the one with WordAI, their own tool. Using the API means you need to have technical skills.
  • The quality of the articles is not the same in every language. If you want a good quality in any language proposed by Article Forge, it is recommended to generate the content in English and then translate it.
  • Sometimes the generated articles are not relevant and the software deviates from the original topic. If you want good quality articles you may have to proofread and rewrite some parts.
  • The price is a bit expensive if you do not have a significant budget. Even if you do not need to buy the unlimited plan, the Article Forge pricing politics favorise the yearly subscription. This type of commitment can be heavy.

Conclusion:, the best alternative to Article Forge?

To end this list of alternatives, I wanted to give you my personal choice. For me, is the best alternative to Article Forge and even the best AI writing tool for now. Its possibilities seem infinite and the quality of Jasper generated content impresses me every time. It sure needs a certain learning time and multiple tests to handle it correctly but it is worth it.