Article Forge’s API: Create your own automated publication process

Article Forge gives access to its API. Using the API allows you to generate articles automatically into your custom workflows. Article Forge limits the content generation to 200 000 words between the API, WordPress automatic publication, and the bulk generator combined. Look at our Article Forge Review to discover all the aspects of this article generator.

How to get your Article Forge API Key?

To get your Article Forge’s API key, you first have to create an account and choose a monthly or yearly subscription. Then, you can go to the “API Information” section on your dashboard. In here, you have your API key. You can copy and paste it into any web tool you want or create your own if you are a developer. Article Forge also allows you to regenerate your key.

The API also has an Overuse Protection. It limits the users to the generation of 200 000 words between the API, the WordPress Scheduler and the bulk function. If Overuse Protection is disabled, you will be charged 25 cents for every 1000 words generated. This will be added to the initial Article Forge pricing.

Why Article Forge’s API is useful?

The API is useful because you can integrate it into any web tool you want. If you have your own tool to centralize all your writing and publication processes, you just have to use the key. Using the Article Forge API allows you to have a fully automated publication process. You can, for example, combine Article Forge with semantic tools to improve the keywords pertinence of the generated articles. You have to notice that you can not use the API with the free trial. It is good to know that the API is working in any language available with Article Forge.

Limits of using Article Forge’s API

To me, Article Forge is an interesting tool. It is really useful if you want to create content for multiple websites. You can use it on websites where you don’t want to spend too much time working on the content. The software can create quality content on certain topics but can also generate low-quality or incoherent texts. If you are looking for an artificial intelligence powered writing tool, there are several good alternatives to Article Forge.

However, if you want to post really qualitative content on your website, you need to check the article and retouch them. This way, Article Forge does the biggest part of the writing and you do the rest. Another possibility is to use the API to combine it with tools, automate the publishing process and modify the articles on your website post-publication. You can even just retouch the pages that rank well on search engines.