Article Forge Pricing: the price of this great article generator

The use of writing tools is becoming increasingly common. It is advantageous because it saves a lot of time, but also a lot of money. Since content writing is a very time-consuming practice, automatic article generation offers a very attractive alternative. Being convinced that content generation is the future of web redaction, I made a full review of Article Forge.

What is Article Forge’s pricing policy?

Article Forge offers two different types of subscriptions: Standard and Unlimited. Both can be paid monthly and annually. The price of the monthly subscription is $57 for the Standard version and $117 for the Unlimited mode. For the Standard yearly plan, the price is $324 and $684 for the Unlimited yearly plan. It is therefore much more interesting to opt for a long-term subscription. If you want to test the tool before spending your money, you can enjoy the 5 day free trial of Article Forge. To find out how much Article Forge Standard version really costs, we’ll divide the monthly price by the maximum number of articles you can write per month.

Allowing you to generate up to 250 000 articles per month, Article Forge permits you to create 333 articles of 750 words each month. If we divide 57 by 333, this means that we pay a little 17 cents per article! If we take the annual formula, it comes to 8 cents per generated content. To compare these prices with other similar tools, you can read my article about the alternatives to Article Forge.

Is Article Forge cheapest than its competitors?

Article Forge is not the only one on the market and has several competitors, with different prices and features. Here we will expose the price of some competitors: This tool offers two different types of subscriptions. The “Starter” costs $29 per month and allows you to generate 20,000 words and the “Boss Mode” at $99 for 100 000 words, which offers more interaction with the artificial intelligence.

Rytr: Unlike its competitors, Rytr offers a free mode. It only allows you to create 5,000 characters per month, but this is still interesting to test the tool. This tool has two types of subscriptions: the saver plan and the unlimited plan. The price of the saver plan is $9 per month or $90 per year. It allows you to generate 50 000 characters per month. The Unlimited plan has no characters limitation. It cost $29 per month or $290 per year.

Article Builder: This software is certainly the cheapest on the market, but it is also the lowest on quality. Article Builder’s subscription costs only $127 per year. However, the quality is not there and it is much less efficient than its competitors. The articles created are limited and not unique, as the tool claims.

What price should you pay your Article writer tool?

There is no standard or fair price for these tools. Prices and features differ from one product to the other. From a personal point of view, I think paying around 30$ per month for an automatic article writing tool is quite reasonable when you look at the savings and time it allows.

There may be an interest in paying more, for the boss mode of for example, but only if you have huge content needs and you want maximum customization of your texts.

Article Forge vs Freelance Writer: An AI Writer to replace humans?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends of your needs. If you want to generate a lot of content, but don’t need a high standard of quality, then Article Forge is a good substitute for a freelance writer. Also, this tool can generate content in several languages. However, the use of automatic writing tools does not exempt from human intervention. If you want your texts to be optimized for SEO while still being readable, you will need to proofread the content generated by Article Forge. The proofreading work may be less if you use another tool like’s “Boss Mode”, where you guide the artificial intelligence as it generates the content. To be honest, the content generation tools are not yet developed enough to automatically create content as good as a human, but they tend to become very close.

Is Article Forge Worth it?

To conclude this analysis of the price of Article Forge and its competitors, we can ask ourselves if these tools are worth the price. Personally, I consider Article Forge to be largely worth its price. The access to pre-build integrations and the fact that Article Forge have an API is appreciable. It allows you to create your own process and to generate article even quicker than with the basic generation function. It doesn’t completely replace human writing, as it ideally requires proofreading of the articles it creates, but it significantly reduces the amount of time you have to spend on an article. Let’s say it takes a minimum of 3 hours to write a quality article of about 800 words on a specific topic, it will only take you about 30 minutes maximum to produce it with Article Forge.