Article Forge Review: The Best Article Generator On The Market?

Article Forge 3.0

In this Article Forge review, I will present you different aspects of this article writer tool generated by AI. This article will introduce you to the tool and its functionality. It also contains information about the free trial of Article Forge and its pricing. To end the article, a few alternatives are presented and I also made a top of the best ai writers I tried.

What Is Article Forge?

Article Forge is an automatic article writer tool. It allows you to create content automatically using artificial intelligence. Simply enter a keyword or a query to get an entire article. Using it can be a great time saver when you are in the SEO business or need content for your websites. This automation allows you to obtain SEO optimized and above all unique text! This revolutionary tool overcomes the plagiarism detection tool Copyscape and similar software. Our Article Forge Review is here to show you all the aspects of this interesting tool. If you want to discover the tool by yourself, Article Forge have a free trial.

What Does Article Forge Do?

In concrete terms, Article Forge saves you time. While testing the tool for this review I could see its effectiveness. It allows you to create unique articles in a few minutes. To do this, the tool uses artificial intelligence and deep learning. The content generated is not the result of web scraping. Article Forge introduces himself as a personal freelance content writer. Simply provide a keyword and sub-keywords to this automatic article writing tool and it will generate your article. You can also set the word count of the content, between 50 and 750 words. The longer your article, the more time it will take to create, but in any case, it will not take more than a few minutes.

Article Forge also allows you to add titles, images, and videos to your article. A big strength of the tool is its ability to automatically post generated content to a WordPress site. It is even possible to schedule the publication of articles. By generating headlines, integrating images and videos into the generated article, this amazing tool allows you to automatically post SEO-optimized text. It is also able to replace keywords with links. This allows you to do your internal linking automatically. Another interesting point, you can rewrite your content with WordAi directly from Article Forge settings.

Article Forge Quality: the perfect tool for your blogs?

First of all, you should be aware that the results are more interesting when you give a specific query rather than a broad keyword. For example, if you use the writing tool to create an article on the keyword “basketball”, you will get a generic article about basketball without any interesting information. If you ask the tool for a more specific query such as “How to play basketball”, you will create a better quality article.

Article Forge has three kinds of content:

  • Readable
  • Regular
  • Unique

The more unique the content, the less readable it will be. We must therefore choose the level of quality we want according to the objectives of our site. If you want a text that is simply optimized for search engines, for example, to set up or re-launch a blog, Article Forge will be more than sufficient.

This AI writer tool has is not limited if you only use the classic article creator but it is limited to 200 000 words generated by month if you use the Article Forge API or the bulk generator option. You can pass through this limit but you will pay 25 cents for 1000 words.

What are the Functionalities Of Article Forge?

Another reason I made this review of Article Forge is the quality of its functionality. The tool has a few interesting possibilities. You can :

  • Access to all your old articles
  • Modify them
  • Add your WordPress websites
  • Planify article publication
  • Connection to Article Forge API

This automatic article writer tool also permits you to export your generated content as a text file, Html file, or pdf file. You also can copy or spin the content. In the “My Articles” section, you can combine your articles or even combine paragraphs of your articles. The article combination is very interesting and permits you to create a longer article than the initial 750 words generation limit. The free trial of Article Forge only allows you to try the manual article generation.

Another great functionality is the “Post Scheduler”. As said before, it allows to generate and post content automatically. You just need to insert your keyword and your sub-keywords, select the blog you want to publish in, define a tag to your article, and choose a publishing frequency. The only limit is that you can not publish more than 24 articles per day or 168 per week. It is also possible to add images and videos.

Article Forge is also able to generate content in several foreign languages. The quality is not the same but it has really improved with the last version. The Article Forge available languages are:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • Portuguese
  • French

If you want a complete vision of Articles Forge, you can watch this tutorial:

Article Forge Limits: What uses should you avoid?

One of the main limitations of Article Forge is that it loses quality when used in another language than English. This can be overcome by using a translator such as Deepl and WordReference to correct the translated text but this adds extra steps. Another negative point is that this tool sometimes generates low-quality articles. The results are not optimal depending on the type of content. For example, if you ask the tool for an article about product testing the product particularities will be wrong.

To use Article Forge, you will need a learning phase. Like any tool, it has its own particularities. During this Article Forge review, we also will present you with some alternatives to this tool. This part of this present article will show you how advance is Article Forge regarding his concurrent.

Article Forge Limits: What uses should you avoid?

Article Forge has a 5-day free trial. Honestly, this trial can seem short but it is enough to test the different applications of this automatic writing tool. You have to be aware that if you do not explicitly cancel the trial before his end, you will be charged for a month. Article Forge also offers a 30 day guaranteed refund if you are not completely convinced this automatic article writer is worthy. The refund is working only if you created less than 10 articles. Anyway, Article Forge’s pricing is more than affordable regarding the features of these tools.

Article Forge Price: Small investment, big benefits

One of the most important aspects of this examination is its price. It depends on the subscription you choose. The price for the monthly plan is $57 and it is $324 for the annual plan ($27/month). These prices seem fair compared to the profits that can be generated by using Article Forge. The tool allows the creation of 24 articles per day, which is enough to feed a large number of blogs with unique content.

Some Alternatives To Article Forge

For this review, I decided to try a few competitors to Article Forge. Some of these tools are interesting but one of them is really disappointing. Find a good automatic article writer tool is not an easy task, even with the constant progress in this domain. This is why I decided to create this blog and try multiple tools. You can read our article Article Forge Alternatives to get an overview of the automatic article writers on the market.

Article Forge Vs Article Builder

Article Forge and Article Builder are really different tools. When I was trying Article Forge for this review, I also checked about other tools. I tried Article Builder first. This tool creates articles about a general subject. You can choose a subject in a list and an article about it will automatically be generated. The list is pretty short, to be honest. You have general categories and more specifics subjects. In advanced settings, the tool allows you to spin the different generated articles together.

If you have an account on TheBestSpinner, you can ask for a rewrite of your articles. With this article generator, you have an option to add keywords to an existing article. You can create an article with the tool and ask him to inject your keyword and add more content to the existing article. The main difference between both software is that Article Forge creates unique content and Article Builder only rewrites articles from parts of random articles on the web.

Article Forge Vs Jasper

Jasper is another really interesting AI writer. For me, he probably is the best one on the market actually. It can generate many types of content and not just blog posts like Article Forge. By using it, you can create ads, product descriptions, cold emails, marketing texts (AIDA Framework), Quora answers and a lot more. Someone even used to write a book!

It is not completely automated like Article Forge. Jasper needs human guidance to generate content but the quality is really impressive. No other AI writing tool can produce the same quality. Another difference is the learning phase. To use it efficiently you have to learn how to correctly guide the artificial intelligence. This tool is used a lot by content creators, bloggers and professional SEO. I bet you had read a lot of content generated by Jarvis’ little brother without knowing it. If you want to learn more about this great writing software, consult my complete review.

Article Forge Vs Articoolo

Articoolo is probably the tool the most similar to Article Forge. This tool is also a content generator. You have to choose 2 to 5 keywords to create an article. The range of words of Articoolo is more limited because you have selected between 250 and 500 words. The quality of the content is better if you opt for 5 keywords and at least 400 words.

This tool scrap content to create unique articles regarding your keywords. You can select between more unique or legible content. A big difference with Article Forge is that Articoolo has no subscription, you pay per article. You can read a certain part of the generated content and choose to accept or decline it. You pay only when you accept an article. The legible sentences are enough to judge the quality of the article.

Article Forge Vs WordAi

There is no real competition between Article Forge and Wordai. For me, these tools complete each other. You can use Article Forge to create articles and WordAi to spin and rewrite them. Spinning means creating multiple versions of a text with a low percentage of similarity with the original text. So, if you have both of these tools you can create multiple texts on a topic with Article Forge and then rewrite them with WordAi. This way, you will have multiples unique texts.