Article Forge VS Article Builder

In this comparison between Article Forge and Article Builder, you will discover multiple aspects of these article generators. They both use artificial intelligence to generate content. However, all AI writing tools are not equally effective. The purpose of this comparison is to define the best content generator between these two. To have more comparisons, don’t hesitate to check on my paper about the alternatives to Article Forge.

Article Forge vs Article Builder: Who is the best article generator in 2022?

These past years, a big number of article generators software came up. Some of them create quality content when others are nothing more than disappointing (or even bad) spinning tools pretending to create content. This is why it is important to have a global vision of what each AI writers are able to do. In concrete terms, these tools are designed to save you time and reduce your writing costs.

Their use allows you to create quickly a lot of content with no effort and they are able to provide content optimized for search engine optimization. Your keywords, or subject if you use Article Builder, will be targeted by the AI writer tools. Both of these tools are spinning content to generate a unique article. They are used to create articles automatically to publish on blogs or websites. Before you read this article, I can tell you I prefer Article Forge, which generates an article with better quality.

Article Builder Features

Article Builder creates content based on a theme that you can select from a list, of more than 140 topics, provided by the tool. This first point is maybe the aspect of this tool that annoyed me the most. Hopefully, you can give sub-keywords to the tool to precise your topic. For me, the biggest interest of AI that writes articles is they are supposed to allow you to create content on a lot of themes. The fact you have to select an already defined subject with Article Builder means you cannot create articles on precise topics, even with the addition of sub-keywords.

Using this tool still has some benefits and it has interesting features. Article Builder has automation options. It can automatically publish created content on your website. The created content can include information you want to have in your article. You can select between 300 and 1000 words in the generated articles. Article Builder pretend to generate unique articles but my own tests gave mostly bad results that do not even pass anti duplicate content tools. This writing software also offers the possibility to create spun articles, that you can spin with another device like Wordai. If you are interested in spinning tools, I made a comparison between Article forge and WordAI.

I sincerely believe that the tool generated unique optimized for SEO content when it was created but I think the database of the device is not updated and its content is not renewed. If a certain number of users of Article Builder request a specific theme it can be added to the topic list of the tool.

These screenshots contain a few examples of topics treated by Article Builder.

Article Builder Subscription

The subscription to Article Builder is a bit expansive regarding the fact the generated content is not unique. It means you need to spin the content with another tool to avoid duplicate content. You also will have to verify the quality of every article. So, you cannot publish automatically with the tool without risking being penalized by Google. Actually, the tool has a promotion and its price is 127$ per year. Paying a bit more than 10$ a month may look cheap but you still have to combine it with another tool like WordAi if you want 100% unique content. If you take a subscription and you are not satisfied with Article Builder, you can ask for a refund.

Article Forge Features

To me, Article Forge is another kind of tool. One of the major differences is that this AI writer allows you to generate content centred on keywords. This particularity permits you to automatically create articles about any topic you want. Unlike its competitor, Article Forge creates unique articles. This tool also has an automatic publishing option but only on WordPress. It allows inserting images and videos on the articles. The best point is these options can be combined with automatic publishing.

Article Forge can also be your SEO assistant. You can ask this automatic writer tool to put links in some keywords. With this option, you can make your internal linking automatically. In fact, this software offers you the possibility to feed a blog with content with no human action! Obviously, the quality is not the same in all the articles. In certain conditions, the tool can generate low-quality texts. For example, if you ask Article Forge to make a comparison or a top, the particularities of the products can be wrong. The quality also depends on the number of words you chose. With Article Forge, you can create content between 50 and 750 words. Personally, I advise you to create texts containing at least 500 words to obtain quality content. The word limit can be annoying if you want to create long-form articles. I personally like to have the possibility to create short and long texts, so I tried other writing software. If you are looking for a more permissive AI content tool, look at my Article Forge vs comparison.

Article Forge Subscription

Article Forge only has two kinds of subscriptions, the Standard or Unlimited plans. Both can be paid monthly or yearly but it is really more advantageous to opt for the yearly plan. Standard plan will cost you 324$ a year (27 dollars by month) or 57$ a month if you take the monthly deal. For the Unlimited plan it will be 684$ a year (57 dollars by month) or 117$ a month. This tool is most expensive than his competitor Article Builder but his content’s quality is really better.

Article Forge vs Article Builder: How to choose?

To be honest, it is not even a question for me. Between these two, I take Article Forge without second thinking. You have more liberty about articles topics and you do not need to check every article to avoid duplicate content. The only good point for Article Builder is his limitation to 1000 words. Anyway, Article Forge’s limit on the number of words allowed per article can be bypassed with its article merging option. This option allows combining articles or even paragraphs of different articles. Using this feature, you can generate long SEO optimized texts with high quality.

Conclusion of this Article Forge vs Article Builder comparison

Nowadays, automatic article writers seem to be an indispensable tool if you need a lot of content for a website, social media accounts, or a blog. Before buying one of them, it is important to see the possibilities and qualities of these tools. You may think that testing them all is a waste of time and money but don’t worry, I’m here to test them for you! Currently, Article Forge is one of the best on the market. Its abilities relieve you from the difficulties of writing qualified content for your business or for your customers. Therefore, you should not hesitate any longer and give Article Forge a try. As a new user of the tool, you have a 5-day free trial to make your own opinion.