Article Forge VS and Article Forge are two tools for automatic content writing using artificial intelligence. However, they have very different operating systems and their uses are not similar. Article Forge allows complete automation, from content creation to publication, while Jasper is a tool that requires human assistance during its text generation process. This article will present the qualities and defects of these two tools. Anyway, Jasper is probably the best alternative to Article Forge.

Article Forge VS ( Which writing assistant should you choose?

To choose between these two automatic writing tools, you will first have to decide whether you prefer to save a lot of time and have average quality or save less time but have a higher quality output. Article Forge offers the possibility of almost not having to worry about writing content. All you have to do is define keywords and the tool can be autonomous until the article is published, including the addition of media before publication., on the other hand, cannot work autonomously and needs human guidance to create content. This software is used to produce high-quality content, from social networking posts to books and blogs. In my opinion, both tools are interesting and will satisfy those who have well-established their needs before selecting one. Features

The vocabulary used by Jasper is varied and rich. Recognized experts in SEO and response marketing were consulted during the development of the tool. This explains the quality and relevance of the texts produced. The content generator works in over 25 languages, including English, Czech, Japanese, Italian, Romanian and Slovenian.

Unlike some of its competitors,’s descendant generates 99% unique content and its creations can be published without risk and without the bother of going through anti-plagiarism software.

Jasper is an artificial intelligence based on GPT-3 technology. To generate content, you have to guide the software by giving it instructions. The basic version allows you to use several templates corresponding to different types of content, such as Facebook Ads, blog posts or product descriptions. From these templates and the information you give it, Jasper will generate a unique article.

Jasper’s Boss Mode allows you to generate live content by giving instructions. Using the example of a blog post, you give directions to the tool at each step. You start by giving it a topic so that it generates a title. You then use the title to get the content generation tool to come up with your introduction. From these elements, you ask Jasper for an outline and then finally the content of the article. This step-by-step process allows you to personalize the article and ensure its quality. Once the process is complete, you will only have to make a few minor corrections and you will have quality text. also permits to rewrite content. This feature is attractive and can be a good substitute for spinning tools like WordAI.

How much cost

Jasper has 2 different subscriptions:

  • Starter
  • Boss Mode

The Starter package costs $29 per month and generates 20,000 words. Only short texts can be created. The Boss Mode is $99 and allows access to recipes. This mode allows you to give instructions to the tool and watch it create live content, as explained earlier. This subscription limits you to 100,000 words per month. There are possibilities to pay more to have more words.

Article Forge characteristics: create content without writing a word

Article Forge software is easy to use. It allows you to generate unique and search engine optimized content in large quantities. Most of the time, the texts it generates are of good quality but it is sometimes necessary to redo a text entirely because the tool occasionally proposes texts that make little sense. This is rare and may be due to a poor selection of keywords before the text is generated. As a comparison, the quality of Article Forge is well better than Article Builder‘s one.

It is best to avoid using Article Forge to generate certain types of documents. If you want to rank or compare several products with this automatic writing tool, you may get the wrong data about their characteristics. The software is perfect for creating product descriptions or blog posts. Article Forge cannot create as many types of content as Jasper. This tool is really specialized in generating articles and will not allow you to create emails or posts adapted to different social networks.

The great thing about Article Forge is that it can be automated. It can create and publish texts automatically. The article generator can also add images, videos and create internal links on certain defined keywords. Depending on your needs, it can also be interesting to link it to a translator via the use of an automation tool like Zennoposter for example. its “bulk” function allows you to create texts in batches. It is therefore possible to generate a large number of texts simultaneously.

Article Forge Price and Free Trial

The price of Article Forge is quite high if you opt for a monthly subscription but quite affordable if you subscribe to the annual offer. On a monthly basis, the tool will cost you $57 and $324 if you take a yearly subscription. These prices are for the Starter plan.

Article Forge also has an Unlimited version. With it, you have no word limitation but before opting for it think about your real content needs. With the Standard plan, you can generate around 330 articles of 750 words every month. This is a lot! For me, there is not much point in taking out a monthly subscription. The ideal is to test the tool via the 5-day free trial and then subscribe yearly if you are convinced by the generated articles. If the free trial does not convince you, you can still ask for a refund during the first month. You will get your money back if you have created less than 10 texts after the end of the free trial.

Conclusion of this Article Forge vS Jasper comparison

Honestly, Jasper generates texts of undeniable quality. When I tested it, I was very impressed by the richness of the content offered by the tool. It has a lot of possibilities and the text is of high quality no matter what type of content you need. is certainly the most developed writing assistance tool on the market and produces texts of a quality that cannot be found with its competitors.

Article Forge is also attractive but in other ways. Its automation from writing to publishing to adding media is a considerable time saver if used properly. The content it generates can be improved and is not as good as Jasper’s, but it is more than enough to feed a network of blogs.

To choose between these two tools, you need to define your objectives beforehand. They are both very effective and your selection should be based on the use you will make of the texts you generate.