Article Forge VS WordAI

In this comparison between Article Forge and WordAI, we will try to define which is the better writing support tool. In fact, these tools do not have the same features and are not really competitors. On the contrary, Article Forge even offers the integration of a WordAI account in its features, so you combine both tools’ features from a single interface.

Article Forge VS WordAI: Which tool should you choose to generate unique content in 2022?

More and more AI-assisted content writing tools have emerged in recent years. So, it is important to be informed before subscribing to one of these multiple digital writing assistants.

With this in mind, this article has been written to show you the advantages and disadvantages of Article Forge and WordAI. There is no real opposition between these two automatic article writing tools because WordAI is not really an alternative to Article Forge. They are both qualitative and have different uses. If you want to subscribe to one of them, you have to do it according to your needs.

Features of Article Forge

Article Forge can generate a large number of articles automatically. Its content is unique, generally of good quality, and optimized for SEO. Using this tool offers the luxury of saying goodbye to writing content for the web and hello to the joy of seeing your blog or website feed itself.

This article generation software offers several interesting features:

  • Create up to 24 articles per day
  • Publish automatically on WordPress
  • Integrate images and videos into content
  • Add links to keywords in the text
  • Rewriting your content with WordAI (if you have a subscription)

The volume of daily articles allowed by Article Forge is a very significant point. Being able to generate 24 articles per day allows you to feed a large number of websites or create numerous posts on social networks. The fact that this article writing tool can add images and videos to its automatic publications is a considerable time-saver. You literally only have to check the relevance of the inserted media and correct any incorrect wording.

Another strength of this tool is its ability to add links to certain keywords. It allows a complete on-site SEO optimization of the article without human action. Finally, the option of content spinning with WordAI is also interesting if you want to create a large amount of content focused on the same keywords without duplicate content. You can use a text generated by Article Forge and then create several unique versions with WordAI.

If you want to learn the basis of Article Forge, you can consult this short video:

Features of WordAI

WordAI and Article Forge are two of the most powerful AI-assisted writing programs I have used. WordAI also offers several useful features. It offers the possibility of generating between 1 and 1000 versions of a text, but the quality of the content decreases as the number of versions created increases. It is therefore recommended to use the tool by generating multiple versions in small batches, to avoid losing readability and uniqueness.

This article spinner also allows generating a version made for spinning. The text is tagged so that it only needs to be integrated into a spinning tool. This technique, which used to be quite popular, saves a lot of time and energy in the creation of content focused on the same theme. However, spinning is less and less used since the arrival of Google Panda, a filter initially deployed in 2011 by the search engine, to penalize sites with low-quality content. Despite this, spinning tools like WordAI or Article Builder, still have a bright future. Their use is still very frequent, especially for SEO techniques designated as “Black Hat”.

WordAI also has a section that allows you to exclude terms that you do not want to find in the generated content. This “Protected Words” option is useful to exclude terms for which you already generated several contents. It allows, for example, to treat a general theme by excluding specific keywords that we have already integrated into our previous texts. Like Article Forge, WordAI allows you to consult all the articles you have created and to modify them. The tool also shows the number of versions that were created. It also has a “Custom Synonyms” section which allows you to define keywords that will be used in all generated content. Finally, WordAI also has a bulk rewriter option.

Article Forge vs WordAI: Two writing tools with different features

Since both tools do not have similar functionalities, there is no good answer to this question. A third option can be, which works more like an assistant but allows to create great quality content. If you need to create a lot of similar content on a single topic, WordAI will suit your needs. If you want to generate a large number of articles (on the same theme or not) and automate their publication, then Article Forge is for you!

In fact, these two article writing tools are quite complementary. Combined, they can be very useful. Article Forge allows you to create single articles on a topic and WordAI to generate multiple versions.

Conclusion of this Article Forge vs WordAI comparison

To conclude this comparison, I would say that it is more interesting to buy the services of Article Forge. To me, WordAI is more like an additional. Even if it allows you to create multiple versions with a certain degree of uniqueness, its creations are derivations of an original text. It is, therefore, better to use Article Forge if you want to publish unique content on a massive scale. In any case, both tools are of good quality and are some of the best on the market for their respective uses.