Content spinning tools: What are they, How do they work?

Many content marketers are confused about what content spinners are, how they work and how to use them. Content spinning tools can help you generate more content ideas by automatically rewriting your existing text into unique pieces of content. They also make it easier for you to create a large volume of high-quality new content in a short amount of time. In this article, we will define what is a content spinner and how does it work.

What are content spinning tools?

Content spinning tools are software programs that automatically rewrite an existing text into unique pieces. they also make it easier for you to create a large volume of high-quality new content in a short amount of time.

They allow you to generate a lot of content on a unique subject. These tools do not just switch words, they keep the meaning of your sentences. Depending on their quality, the content they create can perfectly be readable by humans.

How will AI affect the future of copywriting?

Artificial intelligence is already able to create good quality content or at least a solid base to retouch before publishing. Looking at AI’s actual capacities, we can believe the quality will be better and better. Humans still work better than machines when they need to deal with complex topics and emotions. Actually, AI automatic writers do not know how to deal with humor or sarcasm. With the constant improvement, it is not to exclude that AI can one day totally replace copywriters. The article “Will AI replace copywriters?” gives more details about what is possible with AI and treat of the difference of quality between human and AI writing.

How does content spinning tools works?

Content spinning tools use artificial intelligence to create multiple versions of a single text. These tools do not just replace words, but they also add synonyms and rearrange sentences. For example:

“This is a wonderful article.” becomes “This article is great!”

A third option could be: “What an incredible article.”

Usually, content spinning tools include other features like the ability to check for plagiarism. Sometimes, you also have a percentage of the uniqueness of the generated texts. Some content spinners include extra tools that allow you to create custom synonyms lists, which can be used as a “dictionary” in future posts. This feature is useful when writing about a specific topic and readers will come across an unfamiliar word or phrase.

Pros and cons of using a spin tool

Using content spinners is a great way to make your blog posts unique. But before you do, it’s important to know the pros and cons of using these tools. Here are some benefits:

  • You can save time by writing more in less time with pre-written content instead of creating it from scratch
  • If the original text is optimized for SEO, all the generated content will be too
  • If you have multiple blogs on a similar subject, you can generate articles for each on the same topic with no efforts

And here are the downsides:

  • Spun text is usually not as good quality as original content so you might lose readers for this reason
  • You need to keep spinning your articles over and over again, which will take a certain time
  • Google does not like spun content and can penalize it

FAQ about content spinning tools

  • Can Google detect spun content?

Since the Google Panda update in 2011, the famous search engine punish content spinning, cloaking practices, and scraping. If you feed your blogs with pure spun content, you can be detected and sanctioned by Google. If you use it with reason and retouch the generated content, your content could be more unique and qualitative.

  • Does content spinning work?

Content spinning is generally used by Black Hat SEO. Most of the time spun content is used to try to rank on Google in a short lap of time. It can work but Google does not like these practices and will penalize you.

  • Is content spinning legal?

Spin the content you created is totally legal. If you want to spin texts from other websites, it is different. The more the text is different from the original more you will be able to defend yourself against Copywrite.

  • Can spin content be used for SEO?

If you want your website to be healthy for a long time, you should not use spun content or should retouch it. It can be used for Black Hat SEO or if you have multiple websites on the same topic. You can generate multiple versions of a text with the SEO optimization of the original and retouch them all to publish them on your blogs. It could, for example, be used to try to dominate Google’s ranking on some keywords.

  • Are there free spinning tools?

Yes, there are free content spinning tools. Spinbot is a free content spinner. It allows you to spin a text of 10 000 characters. Free Article Spinner also offers free spinning. Like every kind of tool, the free versions are limited and generally low-quality. It is better to take a subscription to the content spinning tool that answers your needs.

  • How does spinning work in general?

Most of the time, spinning tools use artificial intelligence to select synonyms to rewrite the original content. The words are replaced, the structure can be changed but the sentences keep the same meaning. Some tools, like WordAI, allow creating a spun version of an original text.

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