Jasper.ai Review : The best writting assistant in 2022?

When I started this blog I first tried Article Forge and quickly praised its features. After enjoying this automatic content writing tool, I decided to try others to learn more about this type of very interesting tool, which may become indispensable on the web in the future. I started to create AI writer’s reviews and comparisons with the hope to discover the best AI writers on the market.

I never thought I would discover a tool as complete, advanced and qualitative as Jasper. This software is really incredible, both in terms of the possibilities it offers and the quality of the texts it generates. The uses that can be made of this tool are really very varied and it outclasses its competitors in terms of diversity and quality of the content that it allows you to write. This is why I decided to write this Jasper.ai Review.

How to use Jasper.ai?

Jasper.ai has a lot of features, allowing you to create really good content. To be honest, I did not believe the hype until I tried it out for myself. Jasper is a kind of content writing assistant. It needs to be guided by a human being to write a text. This automatic writing tool, created by Dave Rogenmoser’s team, produces high-quality content. Unlike Article Forge, it is not enough to press a button to create an article, a social media post, or a product description. It is not intended to replace a tool that generates text automatically.

Jasper’s artificial intelligence must be guided. No matter which subscription you choose, the tool is interesting, but the “Boss Mode” really offers unique possibilities, which are not found in any other AI-driven content creation software. This software is based on GPT-3 technology.

You can watch this video con learn a few basics of Jasper:

Jasper templates

Jasper.ai offers a certain number of templates, which corresponds to content typologies. The tool contains, for example, the “Long-form Assistant”, the “Aida Framework”, the “Product Description”, the “Facebook Ad Headline” and the “Quora Answers”. The software provides no less than 37 templates, which makes it possible to create content to suit every need. Given the immensity of the possibilities offered by Jasper, it is impossible to explain how all these templates work. I will therefore only present a few of them, starting with the Aida Framework.

Some templates of Jasper.ai

The Aida Framework will help you to write marketing texts based on intention, interest, desire and action. You need to provide the tool a product or company name, a description of the product or company and possibly set a tone for the texts that will be created. With this automatic content generation tool, it is possible to create several texts for the same query.

This wonderful writing tool also allows you to vulgarise your content. Its template “Explain it to a child” proposes to simplify a text. There are 8 levels of simplification, making it possible to adapt content to different audiences.

Jasper also offers a template for creating Amazon product descriptions. To use it, you need to provide the main characteristics of the product in order for the software to generate a description. The text created will then focus on the product’s specifics and be well structured to highlight them.

Jasper, formerly Jarvis.ai, also has the ability to create content for social networks. For example, it is possible to create answers for “Quora” by filling in the question only.

Jasper.ai Recipes: guide the AI to write great contents

In addition to templates, Jasper.ai offers a feature called “Recipes”. These are types of content that can be generated by giving instructions to artificial intelligence. These instructions vary according to the type of text you wish to obtain. This mode is only accessible if you have a boss mode subscription. The recipes mode shows really impressive results and creates great content. This mode is the reason I made this Jasper review.

Among the different types of documents proposed are the following:

  • Blog Post
  • Cold Email
  • Press Release
  • Facebook Ad
  • Rewrite / Expand Blog Posts
  • Product Review Blog Post
  • The Idea Factory
  • The Perfect Non-Fiction Book Introduction & Outline

How to use Jasper recipes?

The use of recipes is like talking to artificial intelligence to give it a guideline to follow in generating content. If we take the example of blog posts, we need to provide Jasper with a topic so that it can create a brief. This brief will then be used by the AI to define what the article will be about. Based on this brief, you can then have it suggest article titles. When a title suits you, you must also provide it to the tool so that it can generate your article.

Once the title and brief have been created, you can ask Jasper.ai to write the introduction, the outline, and then the different paragraphs of your article. This content writing tool using artificial intelligence may even choose to add parts to your outline autonomously, depending on the instructions you give it, your topic, and the length of paragraph you want to obtain.

Jasper Recipes Features

Jasper allows you to create your own recipe if you need a custom template for your content, and to use recipes created by others. Unfortunately, recipes are only available via a subscription to Jasper’s “Boss Mode”, which may hold some people back. However, this automated content writing tool is well worth its price.

In this content creation mode, there are three different content sizes: small, medium, and large. It is possible for Jasper to use the same phrases in several places in the same article. However, you can tell the tool that you want it to avoid duplicating content.

Recipes also allow templates to be integrated with the live writing functionality. This makes it possible to generate a text by guiding the artificial intelligence while following a specific content template. You can generate as many texts as you like with the same “base” until one of Jasper’s creations meets your expectations. If you want to discover the features of other content generators, you can consult our Article Forge review.

The 25 languages of Jasper.ai

Another interesting point of this review is that Jasper can generate text in 25 different languages. The most impressive thing is that the quality is very good in all the languages the software handles. It can notably create texts in Chinese, French, Russian, German, Spanish, English and Danish. This is very interesting because no other content generation tool works in so many different languages. It is very interesting to be able to generate text in several languages if you want to reach a larger audience by creating a version of your site per language.

Jasper.ai Pricing

Jasper, formerly Jarvis.ai, offers two types of subscriptions: Starter and Boss Mode. These two subscription models cost $29 and $99 per month respectively. Two months are free if you take an annual subscription, regardless of the subscription type. The basic subscription is quite limited but is great for discovering and testing this automatic writing tool. If you choose it, it will allow you to learn how to use Jasper and how it works. To have the full package and benefits of all Jasper features you should get the Boss Mode.

Jasper Starter Subscription

The Starter mode allows you to write short content using templates. It limits content generation to 20,000 words per month but offers an unlimited number of users. This mode, therefore, allows you to generate 100 words for less than 15 cents. This formula limits the number of folders in which to organize your projects to 5. The basic subscription is not limited in terms of the languages used by the tool and allows direct contact with support if necessary.

Jasper Boss Mode

Jasper’s Boss Mode is the most interesting subscription option. It allows you to interact directly with artificial intelligence to generate live content. This mode allows you to use Jasper’s recipes, presented earlier. This ability to guide the generation of content is really the most interesting aspect of this automatic writing tool. The recipe function can be used indefinitely and the AI in Boss mode generates better quality texts than the Starter mode.

Jasper.ai Free Trial

Jarvis.ai’s little brother doesn’t really offer a free trial as such. It offers 10,000 free words for new subscribers through an affiliate link. However, the copywriting tool guarantees a refund if the dissatisfaction is reported within the first 5 days of subscription and if the customer has not used a complete free trial. To benefit from the refund you need to contact Jasper’s team. Honestly, I can’t imagine how anyone could subscribe to Jasper.ai and be dissatisfied with the software after using it for several days because it is so qualitative. If you are convinced by Jasper after reading this review, give it a try!

Jasper.ai: the future of content generation?

Until I discovered Jasper, I didn’t think that artificial intelligence could seriously threaten the work of a web editor, but now I’m not so sure. The tool’s multiple features and the quality of its output are so impressive that I wouldn’t be surprised if its use quickly becomes more common. The achievements of this tool based on GPT-3 technology and the ongoing development of GPT-4 suggest endless possibilities for AI-assisted content writing.